Beauty of Love

This is about love. It shows how beautiful it is. It also shows how painful it is to lose someone you love. But the title only says the "Beauty of Love" because I do believe that love does not hurt. It is the rejection that hurts, it is the waiting that hurts, it is the losing that hurts. So, why blame love? Love is the only thing that covers up all the pain.

Every time I close my eyes all I see is you lying beside me. You hold me close like you'll never let me go. You stare at me as if I am the only one who exists in this world. You look at me as if you haven't seen such beauty. You treated me as if I am your queen.
Every time you are near me I feel butterflies in my stomach.
Every time you look at me, my heart beats so fast. I don't know what to do.
Every time I go to sleep, you're always in my dreams.
Such wondering entered my mind. Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel so happy every time you're near? Why do I act this way?
It really confused me. One day, I made the hardest decision in my life.
It is to avoid you such that people think our closeness isn't right.

Now that I can no longer talk or even see you, I realized the answer to my wondering.

I just want to be with you.

(This is not copied in anyone's composition. This is originally composed by
george green known as MARY APPLE NICOSIA ARNAIZ on May 17,2010 at 6:45 p.m.)
HOPE you'll love it!

He never fails to show how much he loves me.
He can make me smile with just his eye.
He shows me off to the world even I'm in sweat.
He holds my hand in front of his friends.
He would travel an hour just to see me for a minute.
I can be myself when I am with him.
I love him with all of my heart.
No regrets.
It's just that...............

I haven't found him yet.

Love me for a reason and let the reason be love.
-george green-

It's hard when you meet the right love at the wrong time. But, it's more painful when you have to give up the right love cause you have to face the right time holding the wrong love.
-george green-

You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to things you don't want to feel.
-george green-

An idiot is better than a talented person who doesn't even know how to love.
-george green-

A man that truly love his girl doesn't need to unbutton her shirt just to see better view of her heart.

With you I lost myself. Without you I find it. Now, I want to be lost again.
-george green-

Never limit yourself when it comes to happiness. Just like a dog, a dog won't fully enjoy his life unless you remove the chain on his neck.
-george green-

I may love the wrong person and cry for the wrong reason but no matter how things go wrong, mistakes are nothing if I truly love a person.
-george green-

(george green)

At first I thought it's true
The feeling of sadness will go
But why do I feel so blue
My heart says it's because of you.

At first I thought you're true
Your love for me will never go
Cause you promise me forever
But now you're gone and coming back is never.

How could you do this to me
Because of you I lost the key
Of my heart that has now turned hard
And believes no man deserves to be loved.

You're the reason of everything
Why I think man is nothing
But, thanks for making me realize
Never again believe with all those lies.


Having a crush is normal
Especially for a teenage girl
And for me, my crush is special
As special as a pearl
I love my crush and my love can't be sold
It's as sweet as kisses, as good as gold.

Lessons I can stop studying
Songs I can stop singing
Books I can stop reading
But with my crush I can't stop falling

Sometimes a crush can get serious as a snob
And if you are curious I tell you, it becomes love.

In pain we can keep from crying
In joy we can keep from laughing
In test we can keep from cheating
But in love, I can't keep from falling
Crushes fade away, like love songs do
But if your crush stay, I think he's meant for you.

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